A Whole New Realm

What Is This

When I was designing this logo I was thinking that I wanted something different. The site is called a whole new realm after all. So, the first thought- What does the title A Whole New Realm mean to me. I thought of dream states right away. Not sure why because it could have been more victorian or Game of Thrones. So, sticking with the whole dream thing I went with wings. They were a little harsh though. However, I still liked them. Now for anyone that knows me… They know I love eyes. I draw them all day long when I’m doodling or not paying attention with a pen in my hand.  I also love planets and space so why not put it all in there. This logo is a work in progress but I hope you can see the Wings that look like eyelids on a planet. It was fun I’ll keep playing with it though stay tuned….